Crystal Healing

During the creation of Enchanted Apothecary, I realized the great importance of having our products care for the entire being; the mind, body and soul.  The human body is composed of energy, and that energy being in balance is what makes us feel good. When “life happens” and our energy is thrown off balance, there are a variety of ways to heal ourselves. Using crystals is one of those ways. Crystal healing has been used for centuries throughout countless cultures and religions to assist the human body and spirit. Aside from using the finest of natural ingredients, our products are also adorned with specific crystals. These crystals add to our products by helping to align and attract specific energies. I hope that you too can experience the wonderful healing energy of one of our earth’s most precious gifts.



A translucent quartz crystal with a vaguely orange hue.
An overall energy enhancer, it is said to stimulate sexual arousal and increases sexual energy.

Rose Quartz

A clear pink crystal used to stimulate self love and love for others.
Assists in opening the heart chakra.
It also promotes peace, happiness and fidelity in existing relationships.

Red Jasper

A brick red stone associated with the planet Mars, which is the planet of sexual energy.
It also helps to promote beauty and grace when carried. It can also be used as a protective stone to block negativity.

Clear Quartz

A clear, shiny stone that almost resembles glass.
It has a vast variety of helpful attributes including protection, healing, psychism and power.
In ancient shamanistic traditions, it was thought to be solidified water or ice.
Today quartz is widely used as a conscious altering crystal that helps to stimulate intuition.

Snowflake Obsidian

A deep black stone with white inclusions that look like tiny snowflakes strewn throughout.
Said to transmute negative energy, it helps to purify the aura of unwanted energy.
It works by reducing stress and suppressing aggressive energy


A vibrant blue stone used to increase wisdom, enhance personal power and inspire creativity.
Once called the “wise stone,” it was said to help those who wore it to come up with clever ideas.


A sea-green stone with small, sparkling inclusions. Its main attribute is to attract wealth and money.
It is also a popular gambler’s talisman to be used in games of chance. It is considered to be an all-around luck stone.


A glassy golden yellow stone that creates joy and a bright energy to help brighten up may different areas of life.
Containing the energy of good fortune and luck, it helps these to appear in may unexpected ways.


The favorite of the Fey, it is a clear purple stone said to be the stone of peace.
It promotes healing, protection, love and happiness.

Moon Stone

An iridescent crystal said to contain the colors of the moon.
It is receptive, love-drawing and used to increase intuition.