Enchanted Apothecary

As a little girl,

I was always out in nature gathering flowers and herbs to make into my “potions.” I would find the most shimmering stones, unique flowers and fragrant herbs to grind into mixtures that I felt held magical energies for the person that used them. Little did I know, this child-hood practice would one day turn into a labor-of-love business.

Skincare had remained my passion,

and I became a licensed Esthetician. For years, I’ve researched the ingredients in the various skin care lines I was using on my clients and felt there had to be an effective, yet natural way to treat and beautify the skin. The child within remembered the joyful process of creating mixtures under the sun and moon, and I went to work honoring the years of experience I have gathered. As I began to walk the sacred path of Shamanism, I was gifted enchanting recipes to create an incredibly unique line of skin care. The result was an all natural, energy infused artisan skincare line: Enchanted Apothecary.

Photograph by : Terra Kate Photography

Our mission: to create skin care that is safe for your body, the environment and your soul by using ingredients of the utmost quality and pure, positive energy.”

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